Guim Caballero

About me

My name is Guillem Caballero Coll, but people call me Guim.

My interests are all over the place, from programming, music, mathematics, cooking, to human languages. In my spare time, when not coding more stuff, I usually play (very badly) the violin or guitar, or learn about random things.

You can talk to me about anything you want on Twitter or through email.

Programming languages

I'm mainly use PHP and TypeScript in my day to day, although I like to play around with other languages to learn and improve.

  • Proficient: Rust, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS
  • Can defend myself: Haskell, C#, Python
  • Basic knowledge: Ruby

Human languages

  • Native: Spanish, Catalan
  • Proficient: English
  • Intermediate limbo 1: German, Chinese, Korean, Toki Pona
  • Beginner: Hebrew, Japanese
  • Planned 2: Latin, Russian, French, Italian

  1. Meaning I can watch a movie and kinda understand but I can definitely not read a newspaper.
  2. Languages I really want to learn but I'm holding off until later because I already have too much on my plate
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