Guim Caballero


Fullstack self-taught developer with wide range of skills, mostly centered on webdev and game development. Quick and avid learner, with big spectrum of interests.

  • Full name: Guillem Caballero Coll
  • Birth date: 28/08/2000
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain. Open to relocate.
  • Nationality: Spain and Switzerland

Programming languages

  • Proficient: Rust, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  • Good: Haskell, C#, Python
  • Basic: Ruby

Human languages

  • Native: Spanish, Catalan
  • Proficient: English
  • Basic/Intermediate: German, Chinese, Korean, Toki Pona


Fast Innovation Consultancy 1

Consultancy startup focused on fast innovation, with multi-billion dollar clients.

IT technician

July 2019 - Present

Providing IT support, while contributing to technical design, helping translate from business requirements into technical details. This has helped me develop the skills necessary to communicate technical concepts in an easy to understand manner.

I am involved in managing the different cloud services and in maintaining internal projects and tools.


March 2019 - Present (Part-time)

Working as a solution developer both on internal tools and in projects for clients, with a strong focus on costumer engagement. I work on the whole step of the process, from development to deployment, either in cloud or client on-premise servers.

  • Developed an internal tool to automate and smooth out a service provided by this company.
  • Designed approach for sales in different client segments.
  • Solution to provide automated recommendations based on a set of answers.
  • Portal to provide clients with access to Thought Leadership documents.
  • Project management system with focus on providing detailed analytics.
Freelance Developer - InBrainz

August 2019 - Present (Part-time)

Contributing as freelance developer at an early stage AI startup, working on creating conversational AIs for Brand Personas. I contributed major features to the system, including face expression recognition and smart question andswering, based on some Experiments I made on this site.

Personal projects 2

Open source contributions

I enjoy contributing to open source software! Recently I have been helping out in the Bevy game engine ecosystem, mainly on the website documentation and on this plugin. A part from that, I have little cool open source projects, like and RTS prototype game or a chatbot built in Haskell.


March 2020 - August 2020 (On indefinite pause)

Created a company with two friends, with a focus on providing a digital platform for local restaurants in Barcelona. Due to the pandemic and the limited resources restaurants have, and other many mistakes, it failed to gain traction and we decided to put it on an indefinite pause until the situation improves.


March 2020 - April 2020

Created a SaaS tool to provide easy no-code customization of the context menu of a website. Served as an introduction to Vue and the process sales from a solo point of view.


March 2015 - August 2017

My first real project. Made a game for Android and iOS, where the player is blind and has to guide themselves using only sound. Created in the Unity3d game engine, using C#.


Student of Mathematics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

September 2017 - March 2020 (Unfinished)

Student of ThePowerMBA

January 2020 - Present

Studying Business in an online school, to complement my technical skills.

  1. Due to a confidentiality request by said company, I can't disclose the name.
  2. More detailed explanations about each here.
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