German for Programmers

This post goes over a few features in German that relate to programming concepts.

What I found most interesting of this post is how when we stop thinking of something as stupid, weird and nonsensical by framing it in a way we're already familiar with, learning becomes much easier.

I've been thinking about this for a while. A lot of people have a natural reaction of "Oh wow why is it done this way, this makes no sense" when seeing something new, which makes them not want to learn it. It happens to me a lot with programming languages, for example recently with Ruby. Say what you want about being designed to be pleasant or whatever, but I think the syntax is the weirdest thing ever 1. And that makes me not want to learn it or use it, even though I know it's interesting, fun and it would be very helpful to learn.


It could also be that my limited exposure to Ruby comes from someone who wasn't very experienced in it at the time, and that's why the code looked weird. I should give it another chance sometime.