here are some of my projects:

dawremi (2021)

dawremi (pronounced do-re-mi) is a work in progress code-based digital audio workstation in rust. the objective is to be able to make songs by coding

the project is in a very alpha state, meaning that it kinda works, but there's a lot of stuff to do still

bevy rhythm (2021)

bevy rhythm is a small rhythm game built in rust using the bevy game engine. there's an accompanying tutorial here

scheme-hs (2021)

scheme-hs is a basic scheme built in haskell, based on Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours

this was my first time playing around with making programming languages, and i have to say i enjoyed it a lot. i expect to be working on other stuff soon

bevy chess (2020)

bevy chess is a chess implementation built using bevy. i also wrote an accompanying tutorial here

sunray (2020)

sunray is a raytracer built in rust, inspired by Raytracing in One Weekend. the three books are implemented, and then i went on to add a path tracer and sdfs. it uses rayon for multi-threading

i learned a lot about rendering and surprisingly a lot of physics too. the issue i've had with this project is the long time it takes to render an image. i'd ideally like to have it running on the gpu, but i don't want to write a lot of glsl or other gpu specific languages. rust-gpu looks very promising!

blindead (2017)

blindead was my first real project. it’s a game for android and ios, where you play as a blind person trying to survive an ancient temple.

the main mechanic in the game is that you can’t see, so you have to guide yourself using only sound. you move forward by pressing on the lower half of the screen, you turn around by turning around in real life, and you shoot by pressing the top half of the screen.